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Ek Garam Chai

A pg in Mhada, Mumbai - Time : 4 pm

Scene : Varun enters his pg. He is full of sweat and is really agitated. He sits on the bed, while his room-mate lying beside him on the bed with his boxers on looks at him with curiosity and asks…

Raj : Tujhe kya hua bhai…??


Varun : Chal yaar ketli pe chai aur sutta maar ke aate hai ..


Raj : BHAAIIIII... Main wait hi kar raha tha ke tu aaye aur hum jaaye…(Raj immediately get ups wears his tracks and t-shirt and they both walk across to the ketli for their regular chai and sutta.)


Raj : Par tujhe hua kya bhai .. Batti kyu bujhi hui hai teri ??


Varun : Mat pooch yaar ...Saala 2 ghante itni garmi mein line mein wait karaya aur phir not fit bol ke nikal diya!!!


Raj : hahahahaha.. !!!!


Varun : What’s so funny ??


Ra j: Nothing .. (while the laughter is still on)


Varun : NO NO Tell me .. Isme itna hasne wali kaunsi baat thi .. !!!


To Be Continued….