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Scene:  Vicky had a very bad day at office, his weekly target was not achieved and he had a huge argument with his immediate boss who had humiliated him publicly. He gets out of the meeting room and is furious. He realizes it’s lunch time & rushes to the canteen to grab a cola to calm himself down.

Just as he is sitting on the table at the canteen sipping his cola trying to cool himself down, he hears a very familiar voice. He looks around and realises that it’s the best scene of his all time favorite movie coming on the TV in the canteen. He suddenly has a smile on his face, he is lost in some thought and then moments later gathers himself and takes a sip of his cola again. He is teary eyed and just then a colleague of his notices that and comes and sits right next to him and says, 

“So, a bad day at work haan?” she adds “sirf coke kaafi hai ke kuch aur milaane ke liye laau, gum halka hojayega you see” she winks.

Vicky laughs and points out towards the TV and says “You know Neha bachpan mein jab maine yeh movie dekhi thi main tab se actor hi banna chahta tha … socha tha diaolgue bhi main hi likhunga, but all I could write for myself was this fake bloody corporate resume."

Neha is quite shocked, she never knew that his colleague had such a hidden passion. She can’t control the curiosity and says “so what are you doing here in this boring corporate, why are you not following your dream?”


Vicky takes a deep sigh and says “ itna aasan thodi hai yaar … aur karu to kya karu … ghar parivar sab chhod ke Bombay chala jau ?? Dude I have some responsibilities to take care of .. Chahe zabardasti hi sahi but I have responsibilities … my parents have spent a lot of money for my MBA and badi muskil se job mili hai …I can’t just leave everything and go .. Who will clear my education loan !!!”

Neha looks at Vicky and holds his hand. She has a smile on her face and says “ kaun bola tujhe apna sapna pura karne ke liye Bombay jaana zaroori hai?”. Vicky is amused to hear that and doesn’t know what she wants to say…


To Be Continued...