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In today’s world of high tech devices and internet if one can apply for a job online, why can’t he/she give an audition online. Why is the location a hindrance between you and your dreams?

Wooshhh!!! Welcome to AIO an Actors delight and a blessing in disguise for Production houses to unearth the sea of talent spread all over India and abroad. AIO is a web platform, to bridge the gap between Aspiring actors and the Production houses in the Media and Entertainment Industry.

Production houses from all backgrounds like Film Production houses, Advertising Agencies, Event Organizers, Corporate, Theaters, Documentaries, Web-Series etc can upload their requirements on AIO. Aspirants look into the requirements and if they think they fit the role they can record and upload their best shot!

To know how AIO works, kindly see the ‘Why AIO?’ video on our home page. See now (Why Host)

AIO is founded by a bunch of pathetic losers who have been there done that, Aspired to become actors, saw the loopholes in the process and have tried to make life easier for all the other fellow aspirants & entertainment industry. There’s lots of talent still out there, UNTOUCHED!!

Ever dreamt of becoming an Actor?

  • But don’t know the right pathway.
  • Can’t leave your city just to “struggle”
  • Staying in Kashmir/Kanyakumari and don’t have the time/resources/money to travel to fulfil your dream?

And, just in case if you are in the city of dreams -

  • Tired of waiting for hours in queue for giving the Audition
  • Not in the best shape when finally your time for Audition comes?
  • Don’t have any idea as to what exactly is the demand/mood of the script given?
  • Clueless about what show/ad/film are you giving the Audition for?
  • Have doubts whether the Audition is even a genuine one or not?

Well in case you have faced any of the above problems, then my friend AIO is the One-Stop solution for all of them. To know more, click the video link here (Why Act)

What do you do if you need a typical Kashmiri girl for your big banner film?
What do you do if you need a typical Assamese girl for your next Ad campaign?
What do you do if you need a Bihari guy for your next Theatre act?
What do you do if you need a specific character for your Documentary?
What do you do if you need a perfect comedy character for the new web-series on You Tube?

Well, you put out an Advertisement, ask your friends to pass the message, put it up on social media so the people who have access can come and give an Audition or at max if you’re a company with big budgets you would go in that place and take an Audition.

You realize the dearth of talent we miss out on just the lack of access sometimes at your end or sometimes at the end of the Actor.

AIO takes care of that!! Plus you don’t have to pay a dime for it. Well it can’t get more convenient, can it?

It’s pretty simple!

For Actors:

  • Connect through Facebook
  • Fill in your details
  • Upload 4 pics (one full size, one close - up, and two side profiles)
  • Register your number for OTP verification.
  • And its done! No registration charge, no subscription.
  • You pay per Audition.
  • Yes!! It is actually that simple.

For Production Houses:

  • Fill in the company details
  • Upload the required documents for verification purpose
  • Choose your category of work
  • Register the Primary contact number for all the official communication
  • Add up to 9 secondary numbers for access to the Auditions uploaded on your requirement What are you waiting for??

What are you waiting for??

ONLY the production house that has uploaded the requirement for that specific audition can view your audition, NO ONE ELSE. Not even 95% people working in AIO ;-).

Yes, of course. How else do you think we will earn the money ;-)!!

Notifications are sent on your registered mobile number/email id for new auditions that get listed.

Sorry! We ain’t ORKUT!!! ;D

Well we understand the fact that knowing your competition is a good thing, but you can’t have access to their profiles but yes the least we can do is to let you know the total number of competitors you have on the applied audition.

Ummm… Just Click on upload. ;-)!!!

You would want to look your best here, well at least we hope so, so keeping that into consideration we have not kept any limit on the resolution of the image you upload. Go ahead mate, get the DSLR OUT!!

Well we wish we had a bandwidth like YouTube but unfortunately we aint :-/. So kindly make sure that your video size doesn’t increase more than 200 mb (not more than 2 mins).

We don’t plan to run out of business anytime soon my friend. You can use it on all the devices (EVEN APPLE, just imagine)

As much as we are aware of the fact that kids these days are way more smarter and tech savvy than us, but we love our company and don’t want to into get into any legal hassles, so yes, 13 years is the number.

In case of child artists, guardians/ parents/ brother/sister aunt/ dur ka mama or chacha anyone can register on their behalf. Just make sure the guardian is above 18.

Seriously?? Why would you have any, come on!!

Well just in case of any “misconception” ;-) drop us an email at Ya.. You read it right the first time itself. Drop us a mail and we will heal them!!